«… In this set, for the beauty and functionality of the design and the illustrations, the book by Enid Vian stands out. With an elementary outline and a great waste of imagination, Luis G. Fresquet (Chamaco) is linking one by one the stories with illustrations in which they contrast the power of suggestion reached and an apparent ease of realization, which results in an instant communication with the little readers …

Alex Fleites
«Nuevos títulos»‘
Periódico Juventud Rebelde, Ciudad de La Habana.

«All this combined with the lyrical breath – which says what is and what eludes in that category of authentic poetry – makes this book outstanding, at the level of the brilliant work done by Luis G. Fresquet in the design and illustrations, which recreate with original accent the text and that do not stay – as in many occasions occurs in this literary genre – in the background as a simple plastic reiteration of the literary fact … «

Waldo González López
Crítica, «Cuentos de Sol y Luna»
Revista Bohemia, La Habana, Cuba


«The Wedding of Anita and Aniceto» (Illustrated Story) by Nury Rodríguez de Armas and Luis G. Fresquet. The book unites, to the ingenuity of the theme and its linear development, the beauty and the correctness of the illustrations, not very frequent in the works directed to the infant reader of the first levels.

Eduviges Barroso. Dora Alonso y Omar González
(Tomado del Acta Del los Miembros del Jurado del Premio UNEAC 1978)

«… How the guitar was born, lived and dreamed by EGREM, with texts and incidental music by Jorge Berroa, received the prize in illustration in the First Triennial of Graphic Design of the Ministry of Culture. They are ten inks, in colors, effective for their formal treatment and for achieving communication with the reader-listener … «

Fernando Rodríguez Sosa
«¿Luis G. Fresquet vs Chamaco?»
Periódico Universitario. Universidad de La Habana.

«… We also found important the illustrations of Luis G. Fresquet (Chamaco) for the children’s book: How the guitar was born, lives and dreams».

Roberto Campos
«El diseño y su Trienal»
Revista Alma Mater de la Universidad de La Habana

«Journalist: Are you satisfied with the illustrations in the book?
Reply Dora Alonso: I think they are very successful. Luis G. Fresquet (Chamaco) has done a beautiful job. His drawings enrich the text … «

Entrevista a Dora Alonso, escritora y poeta realizada por Alga Marina Elizagaray en la Revista Bohemia.