Meeting of authors at the Miami Book Fair

The Art and the Books: Luis G. Fresquet, Sergio Castiglione and Gisela Savdie

Luis García Fresquet, the renowned graphic designer, illustrator and caricaturist from Cuba, is the talent behind the legend of Yo, tú, el and humor and Don Ufano: a humor in the galaxy.

Sergio Castiglione, an Argentine architect and award-winning photographer, invites us to discover his book Mirrors – Another way of looking at Buenos Aires, where he looks at the city of Buenos Aires from an original point of view.

Gisela Savdie, an award-winning photographer and columnist for El Heraldo de Barranquilla in her native Colombia, shares her latest work in Labradors of Dreams. Moderated by William Castellanos.

Published in the Las Américas Journal of Miami, Florida

Sergio Castiglione, Luis G. Fresquet y Gisela Savdie.

Waiting room of the Book Fair. The photo shows the moment when I am being interviewed by a journalist from Radio and TV Martí.

Signing autographs from my book «Me, You, Him and Humor».