Interactve Books Collection

Interactive Books Collection was designed and created by the outstanding artist of the plastic arts, graphic designer and illustrator of children’s books, Luis García Fresquet ( ) , and with the collaboration of arti- san artist, designer and manual arts specialist, Nury A. Rodríguez. Our books have been designed as auxiliary or complementary tools for teachers or assistants at the kinder- garten, preschool and first grade levels. And to develop the habit of reading and entertainment as a useful way of all children in the home. The books tell short and fascinating stories of animals, robots, magical cities... with beautiful illustrations where children will have to complete the artist’s creations with simple drawings. In addition, children will have to develop their manual skills by coloring, trimming, and gluing to complete each story by making children’s imagination fly and introducing them to the world of books and visual arts. Little Frog and his friends is a short fic- tion tale with real characters. The narrated story develops in a smal island with the three smaller animals of the World: The Zunzuncito, the Yellow Warbler of Alaska and the tiny frog Limbatus. Through these three characters of fiction and reality, the sense of friendship and solidarity among people is recreated. In addition, in the final pages, it shows the real photos of the three smallest animals in the World with a scientific explanation of their habitat with simple language easy to understand for children. A History of Butterflies is a fictional sto- ry, although it could have similarities with any love story between human beings. This book talks about butterflies, insects, birds and the evil black spider that tries to catch in its spider web all the guests who attend the butterfly festival. The children will discover that some pag- es are not finished painting with colors because the printing press forgot to print them. Now the children will be able to paint the artist’s illustrations and integrate themselves into the world of imagination and take part in the visual arts. Let’s Play 1: Landscapes, animals, birds and Fish is a coloring, cutting, and past- ing book. This book is first in the Interactive Book Collection series created for kindergar- ten children. Designed with imaginative and different illustrations where chil- dren can recreate the artist’s drawings by placing various drawings after cutting and coloring them out. To see a complete Sample click on icon Let’s play 4: Little Frog and his Friends To see a complete Sample click on icon Let’s play 5: A history of butteflies To see a complete Sample click on icon Let’s play 1: Landscapes, animals, birds and fish